Is Georgia keen on Kyle?

Georgia has to attend Scotty’s mother’s birthday party but when she comes across Kyle’s attempt to raise money for baby Patrick, she decides to stay for a while, suggesting he add a carwash to his hotdog stall. Kyle agrees, as long as she helps and she ropes Rhys in, too. Having such a great time working alongside Kyle, Georgia decides to abandon the birthday party, using work as the excuse, but when Kyle invites her for a drink with the others, guilt gets the better of her and she makes her excuses and leaves for the party. Suspicious of her change of heart, Karl assumes Georgia is keen on Rhys and only cancelled on the drinks because Rhys backed out, too.

After backing her up against Rani, Priya starts to think that Ajay may be starting to come round, especially when she hears he’s defended her to Paul. But when she starts to intimate this may be the case, Ajay leaves her in no doubt about his views on her – nothing’s changed!

And Lou returns, only to hear his daughter Lauren is coming to town…