Darren hears that the estate agent has Heidi lined up for a viewing; they’re running out of time. Later, Steph collapses and a huge row breaks out about Steph overdoing it, Gilly walks out. A furious Frankie comes home with Jack in tow; she knows everything. But she’s soon distracted when she hears about Steph fainting. Steph worries that Gilly won’t want to marry her and her suspicions appear to be confirmed when she learns that Gilly’s cancelled the reception venue.

Cindy and Alistair are reeling from the arrival of Alistair’s mother Blanche. Alistair warns Cindy that Blanche has successfully driven away all of his previous wives, but Cindy’s not scared. Meanwhile, Blanche enlists India and Tex to start plotting her sabotage. Later, Jacqui delights in revealing the hideous wedding dress to Cindy.

Blanche offers Cindy a considerable amount of money to walk away now. She tells Alistair about Blanche’s proposition and they’re delighted when India offers herself as bridesmaid, feeling guilty about the bribe. Blanche resolves to resort to her original plan.

Also; Bart invites Duncan to a small party, if he comes with alcohol and a girl in tow. Duncan excitedly posts details of the party on his blog.

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