Grace feels on top of the world now she’s in charge of the business. However, she walks into College Coffee and flies at Nancy when the teacher takes a swipe at Fraser. An out of control Grace is about to punch Nancy, when Robbie steps in the way and takes the blow.

Guilty feelings are running high at both the Lomaxes and the Roscoes. After a confrontation with Sam in the village, Sandy decides that all this mess is her fault. She tells Ste she’s going to the police. At the station, Tegan is released following new evidence, while Trevor is arrested.

Finn is jealous when Phoebe goes to comfort Robbie, so he throws a sly dig in about Mr McQueen. Finn and Phoebe have decided to go to the cinema, but Robbie tells Phoebe not to trust Finn; she tells him she can handle herself.

Holly goes to the Roscoes’ and gives Jason one last chance to go with her. He agrees, but worries how they’re going to afford it. He sends a text to an unknown number: ‘I know what you did and I want £500’.