Freaked out to find Guy in the house, Zeke accompanies him to the hospital where he decides to keep a close eye on him. Later, Guy sneaks in on Katya in order to shock her awake with a defibrillator. But she wakes up from her coma in time to grab the defibrillator herself, giving Guy the electric shock instead. Has she killed him?

Pepper encourages a reluctant Rosie to make peace with her ex-fiance Johnny. Later, a flustered Rosie meets Paul and confides her mixed feelings about Johnny, which furthers their unspoken mutual attraction. Feeling flustered, Paul reaffirms his feelings for Lyn before fleeing.

Meanwhile, Frazer’s continued efforts to woo Rosie, cause Pepper to get suspicious that Frazer knew her before he moved into Ramsay Street. Later Pepper’s suspicions appear to be confirmed when Johnny recognises Frazer as his estranged bad boy brother, George.

Susan isn’t happy with Karl’s decision to retire from medicine and is reluctant to support him, despite his insistence that he’s doing the right thing.

Also, when Lou is turned down for the flight attendant job due to his age, he asks Rosie to take on his discrimination case. And Pepper decides her life would improve if her parents got back together, but Steiger isn’t so sure…