Denny convinces Hannah to talk to Nate who explains he rejected her sexual advances because he worried she was only doing it to keep him interested. He tells Hannah that he is willing to wait. The happy couple go out to dinner with Denny and Oscar, when Hannah feels a sensation in her leg.

Sasha returns to Summer Bay to visit Matt for the weekend. However, the university student has her first assignment due the following day, despite this, she decides to spend the night with Matt.

After a heart to heart with Maddy, Oscar is worried that she doesn’t believe she has a future and desperately tries to talk her round.

VJ returns to Summer Bay with Zac. At first VJ is pleased, especially when he hears that Jett is no longer moving away. However, he still struggles to cope without Leah and begins lashing out at his loved ones, even though they are doing their best to support him.