Is Harry the dog involved in a drug deal?

Pcs Beth Green and Roger Valentine visit a pet shop where they find the owner, Dennis Myers, tied to a chair with three dogs licking dog food off him. Outside in the market, a kid called Tre Douglas is trying to sell a dog called Harry to Sergeant Callum Stone, while Roger radios Stone about the pet shop incident.

While being quizzed about his assault, Dennis says that he has a licence to breed dogs but Stone’s sure he’s hiding something. Tre admits to Stone that he assaulted Dennis because he believes he’s dodgy, and shows Stone a photo of Dennis burying something. Later, Beth discovers a dead dog on some wasteland.

Stone suspects that Dennis is breeding dogs to sell illegally. Later, Stone and Pc Tony Stamp discover that Tre’s junkie dad AJ has been beaten up by drug dealers. Then Beth and Roger save Tre as thugs try and bundle him into a car. It turns out Tre’s not their target – but what would they want with Harry the dog?

Elsewhere, DC Terry Perkins investigates the apparent suicide of a terminally ill man, James. And he’s convinced that James’ parents know more about his death than they’re letting on…

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