Is Harry the man for Mary-Claire?

As well as being smitten with colleague Harry, Mary-Claire’s pleased when Fletch promotes her on AAU for the day. Her first patient is her old friend Pat, a homeless man, who’s been hurt in a trash compactor accident. When Harry saves Pat’s life, Mary-Claire’s impressed. When Mary-Claire is blamed for leaking details about a donor to a heart-lung recipient, though, Harry has a go at her for not living up to her duties. Pat overhears this and orders Harry to speak to Mary-Claire with more respect!

Later, Mary-Claire’s devastated when Pat suffers a cardiac arrest and dies – and she’s furious when Harry carelessly suggests nobody will miss him. Will Mary-Claire question whether Harry’s really the one for her?

Meanwhile, having patched up his fraught relationship with daughter Rachel after discovering she’s pregnant, Sacha’s in the doghouse when he forgets it’s her 17th birthday. Sacha tries to make it up to her, with disastrous consequences…

Also, Jonny is tasked with brokering peace between the parents of a deceased teenage boy who are locked in a battle of wills over whether his organs should be donated.