Is Heath about quit his custody battle?

Bianca’s relieved when Zac delivers Heath home without having done anything stupid – except punching Zac. The next day Zac tells Bianca that he’s got a job at Summer Bay High. Later, Heath talks to Sid about getting Darcy’s DNA tested, so he can prove he’s her biological father. Unfortunately, they’d need Connie’s consent.

Bianca arrives home to find Heath has had his children’s names tattooed over his heart. He thinks if he pushes Connie things are going to get worse, so he’s going to play things Connie’s way.

Rosie’s worried that she’s annoying Sasha’s dad, and Sasha explains Sid’s just worried about Indi. April overhears and Sasha feels terrible. After they leave Irene tells April that Rosie has been raped. With Sasha’s help a scared Rosie goes to the beach and falls asleep in the sun, but wakes up in a panic looking for Sasha who is confiding in April about the pressure of supporting Rosie. Rosie asks for a girls’ night with April and Sasha.

Also, Roo decides it’s time she and Harvey interfere in Chris’ meddling and make a picnic for Spencer and Maddy. When they realise that Chris is behind their arguments they forgive each other. They confront Chris about his sabotage. Chris reveals that he hates the pressure of being the only son at home. Spencer invites him to stay and Maddy is annoyed.