Darren needs some clothes for George and when he can’t get a response from Heather he and Tamwar break into Heather’s flat where they find her slumped in her chair. Shirley is angry that Heather hasn’t turned up to clean the house. Shirley is horrified when she discovers Heather being taken away in an ambulance and realises she’s been a terrible friend.

Jack confronts Ronnie about finding Michael’s missing photo in the flat. Jack wonders if Ronnie needs professional help, but Ronnie refuses. Jack convinces Ronnie to rest and takes James and visits Michael to apologise. Ronnie is horrified to find James with Michael and snatches him back. Ronnie tries to explain to a confused and hurt Jack, but she can’t destroy him by telling him the truth and she says that she needs proper help…

Christian and Syed want Roxy to take a pregnancy test. Christian’s angry when he finds a half-naked Roxy in her flat with Michael. Roxy and Syed row about the surrogacy. Syed confesses that he’s jealous of Roxy’s friendship with Christian. Syed decides he wants to start a family after all, but without Roxy involved. Roxy is upset when she finds Michael with another woman. Roxy tells a stunned Christian and Syed that her period is late!