Rachel is frustrated that the police still have no leads on the hospital stalker but, when she spots Henk in the car park, begins to think he could be the attacker. When he drives away before she can approach him, Rachel calls the police.

Elsewhere, Cassie tries to convince Henk to stay in the Bay, confessing she’s in love with him. Initially he tries to deny his feelings for her, but they soon find themselves in a passionate embrace. But Ric interrupts them, and throws Henk against the car, furious at all the trouble he’s caused.

Henk decides it’s time to leave but is prevented by police who take him in for questioning. Henk denies their accusations, claiming to have been at the hospital to collect his belongings. Rachel thinks he’s lying but is later shocked when Julie backs up his story. Mortified Henk decides to leave the Bay.

Still shocked that his grandmother has left him her entire estate, Drew decides to sign half of his money over to Jazz. But Morag has found all the proof she needs, and confronts Jazz in front of Drew, suggesting that Jazz knew about her mother’s death and the will before she came to Summer Bay.

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