Is Henri playing games?

Heath tells Henri that what happened between them stays just that – between them. April apologises to Heath for lying and promises she won’t do it again, their relationship is too special. Heath accepts her apology and the affection that comes with it, which an unhappy Henri sees. April is surprised to receive a good mark from Henri. Heath confronts Henri about it. Is she playing games?

Xavier is reprimanded by his instructor for being soft during an exercise and is kept back to repeat a part of the course. Later, however, Xavier is in a cafe and manages to stop a robbery. He finally earns the respect he deserves from his teacher.

Gina discovers John’s come into some money but he’s kept it secret. It makes her question his honesty. Alf approaches Gina and Harvey about a fundraising drive, to help Miles build a school in Thailand. Gina is generous but John gets angry when he believes she’s teaming up with Harvey.

Elijah and Leah agree to bury the hatchet. Elijah suggests Brax’s brawling is his way of dealing with grief and that she should stay out of it.

Roo tells Harvey she won’t get jealous, no matter how much he parades around with another woman.