Emma, Al and Jimmi all leave their interviews for the partnership. Al is typically confident, the other two are less sure. Meanwhile, Curtis turns up at the surgery to tell Heston that he’s an idiot for retiring – he’s a good doctor. Back in the interview room, Jimmi’s the favourite and Howard has to cave in, even though he’s not looking forward to telling Emma. 

Later, it’s time for Heston’s farewell drinks and for Howard to announce the partnership. But Heston takes the wind out of everyone’s sails. He’s changed his mind. He wants to step down as a partner, but he does want to remain a GP – it’s who he is. The team are overjoyed and Howard says that Partnership announcement can wait as they celebrate Heston’s return.

Also, Ayesha is at home with Bren and Sierra and, surprisingly, Bren seems to be making the effort with Sierra and coping well.