Heston is awoken by a banging at the door – it’s Tel who’s come to fit Heston’s new music system. Arriving at work, Heston cannot park as Barry has put cones in the space for Julia. Despite this, Heston’s full of cheer, and tells Kevin about his new modernity. He then fails to log in to his computer. His frustration grows when IT can’t solve the problem.

Then his new tablet gets knocked out of his hands by Mrs Tembe, and it breaks. When out to fix it, he gets stuck in a queue for a cash machine. When he finally gets to one, it refuses to give him any cash. Queuing at a bakery for what little he can get with the cash in his pocket, he drops it and a beggar picks it up. Heston responds angrily, and storms off.

On arrival at The Campus, Heston’s unable to park due to Barry’s cones. Julia has gone, so he parks in her spot. On the phone to his insurance company, he discovers that his policy is invalid, and he won’t get anything from them after the burglary. A car alarm goes off, and when Heston goes to look, Barry is getting his car clamped.

Heston is close to exploding, and rages about his insurance company taking his money and not helping when he needs them. Barry doesn’t help matters, and Heston lunges at him, before departing, still seething. Julia convinces Barry not to take things further, but when Heston leaves for the day he feels as if the whole world is turning against him.

Meanwhile, it’s Zara’s first day back at work and its clear that she’s struggling to leave Joe in Aliona’s care. Zara and Daniel bicker and Zara is frosty when Aliona arrives.