Holby boss Guy and AAU’s Ric have interviewed a string of uninspiring candidates for the registar’s position on AAU when Raffaello di Lucca (ex Heartbeat star Joe McFadden) turns up and stuns them with an impressive CV – and bags of confidence! Hired on the spot, Raf’s soon making his presence felt on AAU – he gives Harry a dressing down over his CPR technique, then finds Adele texting on the ward and confiscates her phone!

But Raf soon turns his attention to Tay Simons, a young patient with a serious lung infection. Raf knows Tay will die without the aid of an ECMO machine – and as Holby doesn’t have one, Raf decides to build his own version using various bits of hospital equipment. Raf is delighted when the homemade ECMO works and he’s able to save Tay’s life – but Guy doubts his maverick methods. Is Raf the man to help him revolutionise Holby?

Meanwhile, in an attempt to inspire his junior doctors, Sacha has arranged for a 2,000 year old Eygptian mummy to be scanned at Holby. But his plan backfires, when, under pressure from Guy to get Zosia interested in surgery, she expresses more interest in the mummy. Left with no choice, Sacha forces her into theatre, where her lack of dedication and skill nearly proves fatal…

Also, after three weeks, Jac is still unable to bond with her baby. Sick of her lack of maternal instinct, her paediatric consultant takes a stern approach, making Jac realise just how beautiful motherhood can be.