Hunter is spiraling into depression after Olivia’s rejection to his proposal. He starts drinking and pushes away Jennifer and Mason’s efforts to cheer him up. Half drunk, he gets into his car and starts the engine, but Mason stands in his way. Mason convinces him to sober up and enlists Irene’s help. Seeing how much pain Hunter is in, Irene takes matters into her own hands.

Willow is bewildered as to why the whole of Summer Bay seems sombre. She sees Mason and he explains that Kat has passed away and Willow realises why Justin hasn’t been in touch.

John doesn’t want Raffy to be in the house alone, now that Robbo is on the loose. So he takes her to The Surf Club. When Willow turns up at The Surf club, Raffy asks her if she can go with her to the gym. The pair spend time together and Raffy gives Willow some advice on how to handle Justin. When Raffy returns home, she also gives Justin some advice on Willow. Can Raffy get the two lovebirds to be honest with each other?

Later, Justin takes Ash to the cottage where Robbo was staying. Justin thinks Ash is there to just talk, but it becomes clear Ash wants a fight. When they enter the cottage they see baby items and it’s obvious Robbo wanted a future with Kat. Ash is livid and, as Robbo appears from nowhere, the two men begin to fight. Will Ash’s desire to make Robbo pay have tragic consequences?