Sharon bumps into Ian at the pharmacy collecting a prescription, but he hurries off without talking to her. When Sharon is walking past the Beales’, she sees an empty pill packet through the window. Fearing that Ian has tried to take his own life, she grabs Phil, who breaks down the door. Meanwhile, Ian is at the park, having a heart-to-heart with Carol. When he returns home to find the door kicked in, he reveals to Sharon he thought about taking the pills, but realised he couldn’t do that to his family.

David is rushed to hospital after Bianca and Sonia find him collapsed, as Carol continues to wait for David thinking she’s been stood up. When she returns home she’s shocked to discover that David has had a heart attack. Rushing to the hospital, Carol finds David. A talk escalates into a huge row and Carol storms out.

Stan and Dean are scouting the Square for a potential venue for a salon. Meanwhile, Mick’s not pleased when he discovers that Shirley has got her hands on some money for The Vic, but approached Phil for it. The Carters are stunned when Stan and Dean return and announce their plans for a business.