Is Imogen in love with Tyler?

Tyler asks Imogen how long it’s been since she and Daniel got physical and she admits it’s been a while. When Daniel finishes work, he suggests some quiet time watching Imogen’s favourite series. When she drifts off on the couch, she has a sexy dream starring Tyler.

Susan gives Aaron a phone number for the place where Nate might be staying. Aaron calls and leaves a heartfelt message, but later Kyle tells him that maybe Nate has moved on and Aaron needs to do the same.

Sheila signs Xanthe and Piper up for a trial at Harolds. Xanthe proves clumsy and Lauren wants to hire Piper but Sheila steps in, knowing Xanthe really needs a win after all her recent disappointments. Lauren is swayed and gives Xanthe the job.

Paige confesses to Lou that she’s struggling to juggle both university and work – being without Mark is hard. After an emotional chat, Lou bids farewell and heads off on his nomad adventure with Eliza.