Is Indi having second thoughts?

Indi reflects on the mess she’s made of her marriage and how it’s affected her friends and family, so when Liam suggests a meal out, she declines, heading for Dex at the hospital instead. There she explains to her brother how Ruby had tampered with her car, causing his accident and also confesses her confusion about her feelings towards Romeo. Liam overhears and, concerned about his relationship with Indi, heads off to confront Romeo, warning him to stay away from Indi.

Confused about Dex’s reaction to her, April tries to learn as much about his condition as possible. Meanwhile, Dex manages to tell his father to make April leave him alone and Sid has to find a way to keep her away without hurting her feelings.

Roo meets up with Tim in the city where they discuss the new business and she’s stunned to hear that Tim is offering her the chance to be a partner. He also tells her that he’s still in love with her, a statement that ends with a kiss. Will Roo stay in the city with Tim or go back to Harvey?