As Zara and Daniel have their 20-week scan, it becomes evident they have very different ideas about finding out the sex of their baby. Daniel wants to keep the mystery, but Zara wants the facts. They return from the scan with Daniel smug; the scan was inconclusive and he thinks it’s fate that they couldn’t find out. Zara is still adamant that she must know.

As Heston and Marina plan Christmas together, Marina has a difficult day ahead. She rings Heston for support, but only gets his voicemail. When Heston manages to call back, Marina is cooking dinner, but Heston has a meeting so won’t be home in time. Furious, Marina throws the dinner in the bin, but when Heston returns home earlier than expected they cosy up on the sofa.

Cherry almost puts her foot in it when she tells Karen in front of Zara that she and Jimmi have sold their house. Karen forces a confession out of Cherry that Daniel has bought their house as a surprise for Zara. Karen thinks he’s a dead man walking and takes pleasure in teasing an unwitting Zara about it.

Also, Heston is impressed with a patient’s musical abilities, but when her father arrives he discovers that her talents hide a dark secret.