As a heartbroken Cherry prepares to move out of Jimmi’s house, Jimmi arrives at Daniel and Zara’s and tells them what’s happened. They offer support, although Zara can’t help but agree with Cherry’s reaction and Jimmi knows she is right. Julia goes to see Cherry and is unprepared for Cherry’s fury as she reveals her hurt that Julia also knew about Eva.

Julia tries to defend Jimmi’s actions and but Cherry refuses to see Jimmi when he arrives. Back at Daniel and Zara’s, he calls and leaves a message on the answer phone, apologising again and professing his love, but he’s too late as Cherry walks out and drives away. That afternoon, Daniel asks Jimmi if, with Harcourt in custody, Eva can return? Jimmi doesn’t know.

Elaine calls Harrison and asks him to check the pocket in his brown jacket. Finding a small pebble, he’s told to follow her trail, which leads him to a spa hotel. He’s not into new-age stuff but is willing to make an effort and finds himself enjoying a hot stone massage – a result for Elaine!

Also, Imogen helps a mother and daughter resolve their dark history.