Is it all over for Donte and Chlo?

Donte is on the warpath after finding Chlo and Brett in bed together. Chlo is desperate to tell Mika about her and Brett before someone else does – but she’s too late, Donte gets there first! Donte eventually catches up with Brett and beats him up.

Chlo finds a wounded Brett, but begs him not to report Donte to the police. Feeling isolated, Chlo heads home to pack her bags. When Tom returns home to find Mika in tears and Chlo nowhere to be seen, he realises that Chlo has run away. Mika says she couldn’t care less – as far as she’s concerned it’s good riddance.

Meanwhile, Chlo finds a friend in Lucy, who’s only too happy to look after Chlo in her hour of need.

Elsewhere, Jack’s determined to come clean to Davina about his one-night stand with Steph, but loses his nerve. Unfortunately for Jack, a misunderstanding in the staffroom results in Davina finding out…

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