Poppy and Fatboy argue when Fatboy discovers Poppy’s been trying to meddle in Dot’s life. Heading to the Minute Mart, Fatboy confesses to Denise he and Poppy are having problems. When Poppy interrupts them talking about the kiss, Fatboy has to confess all. Sitting down for a heart-to-heart, the couple decide that their relationship can’t be fixed. A heartbroken Poppy decides to leave Walford, taking revenge on a cheating Fatboy and Denise first!

Shirley stands her ground when Linda is outraged that Shirley wants to be added to the licencee plaque. A frustrated Mick is torn between his wife and his sister. When Linda forces Mick to realise that she and the kids come first, Mick has to make a decision. Shirley is overjoyed when Linda agrees to let Shirley’s name go above the door, after all.

Masood cuts his hand, leading a worried Carol to offer to clean it up for him. Getting the wrong idea about Carol’s concern, Masood moves in for a kiss. Carol backs away, upsetting Masood, who confesses to her that his life’s falling apart. When David gets jealous seeing Masood leaving the house, Carol reassures him. Masood can’t bring himself to confess to Tamwar about the gambling.