Is it all over for Isla?

Isla has taken staff at Reefton Lakes Tavern hostage and, when Kyle arrives, he desperately tries to talk her out of going any further with the robbery, but she refuses to listen.
Kat arrives with back-up and tries to negotiate with Isla but she manages to escape as Kat places Kyle in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, Nate and Ricky continue to disagree about their wedding. Nate wants a huge celebration, whereas Ricky wants to elope. Finally, Ricky agrees to compromise and they decide to have a low-key beach wedding.

VJ tells Skye that Hunter wants Olivia back, so she immediately sets off to tell her the news. Meanwhile, Olivia bumps into Drew, who confesses that Lindsay paid him to chat her up and she realises that Lindsay has been playing games to get her claws into Hunter.

Hunter tells Lindsay they are just friends, so she suggests a joy ride in Alf’s utility vehicle. But she drives so fast that Hunter is thrown off. Skye calls an ambulance and when Hunter comes round the pair decide to give things another go.