Is it all over for Jimmi and Cherry?

Cherry wakes Jimmi with breakfast in bed and says she’s got a birthday surprise for him. Jimmi’s hardly thrilled when they arrive at The Mill – and even less impressed when he’s teased about his age. Cherry then comes in with a coloured card – they’re going on a treasure hunt!

At the park, Jimmi works out the clues and finds homely items like candlesticks, before finding a cottage. Cherry innocently wonders if they should have a quick snoop. Jimmi says it was nice but thought it funny how they seemed to be expecting her… Annoyed, Jimmi walks off, but Cherry wins him round by popping open some champagne.

Cherry then starts talking about buying somewhere together, and asks about Eva’s share of his house, which prompts an argument. Upset, Cherry goes off to the car park and Jimmi follows her apologising, but she drives off leaving him wondering if he’s blown their relationship.

Daniel and Zara are tense, waiting to see if she’s pregnant. Daniel asks if she’s been feeling sick or tired, and Zara tells him they just have to wait for the test. But, when she’s alone, Zara looks up symptoms of pregnancy on the net. Zara’s startled by Karen who wants to check if she can make a conference next March. Flustered Zara says of course… Probably!

Also, Heston tries to make an elderly man whose wife is dying of cancer see that life is for the living.

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