Is it all over for Mark and Natasha?

Mark reluctantly visits Faye after her phone call and tells Faye that Ryan is not his problem when she asks him to find Ryan a job to stop him joining the army. Ryan returns after Mark has gone to find a distraught Faye smashing up the crockery. Mark and Natasha go to the hotel and Mark is devastated when Natasha tells him she wants them to live separate lives from now on.

Gennie is forced to tell Brenda about her foray into internet dating when Brenda thinks she’s going on a date with Jamie. Gennie reveals that Jamie is going with her for moral support. Gennie is impressed by her date, but she’s left hurt when he makes it clear that he doesn’t think she looks as good as in her photo and Jamie is left to console her.

David is pushed into a confrontation with Pollard by Edna, who wants him to stop Pollard going ahead with his plans for a funeral parlour. David is stunned when Pollard confesses that the factory is in serious trouble and it’s likely that he’ll have to close it completely within days. David feels stuck between supporting his father and upholding his constituents’ wishes.