Zainab announces she wants to have a big clear out of the house and start afresh. Masood and Zainab try to see their problems from the other’s perspective, but it just results in some spiteful home truths. As Masood helps Zainab sort through their things, it’s obvious that they’re dividing up their possessions. A heartbroken Masood tells Zainab that there isn’t a future for them. Zainab is defiant, refusing to accept it.

AJ keeps out of Masood and Zainab’s way, realising they need some space. He pops into the Minute Mart and invites Denise for lunch. When Denise doesn’t jump at his invitation, AJ ends up in the Vic, buying Bianca and Kat drinks. AJ ignores Alfie’s advice to go home and support his brother, after AJ reveals Masood and Zainab’s problems. Roxy, Kat and Bianca have to take a drunk AJ home.

Tyler and Whitney are excited about their engagement and share their news with their friends. Despite Bianca’s continuing disapproval of their marriage plans, they are determined to celebrate, asking their mates out to a mini engagement party in the Vic.