Christian packs to move out of the flat and tells Roxy he’s going ahead with the adoption even if it has to be alone. Syed is stunned when Christian tells him he’s not giving up on his dream of fatherhood. Syed has time to think about things and apologises to Christian and says he wants to have a family with him.

Julie makes it clear to Heather that Lola won’t be staying and Heather lets slip to Lola. Lola corners Julie and warns her that if she makes Billy choose between them, Lola will win. Lola turns on the charm and talks Billy into taking her to the cafe. When they return to the flat, a policeman is waiting to take Lola back to the home. Lola furiously accuses a guilty Julie. Billy feels betrayed and tells Julie he can’t bear to look at her.

Rainie asks Tanya to her support group to see her ceremony for being six months clean from drugs. Greg has arranged a romantic evening in and is disappointed when Tanya cancels. Max visits Tanya in the salon and seduces her. Rainie is gutted when Tanya turns up just as the ceremony ends and dismally hands her the bouquet and thank you card she bought for her.

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