Is it all over for Toby?

Toby decides to withdraw the allegation against Ben. He half-heartedly offers his resignation and is surprised when Jordan seizes the gesture and accepts. In his naivety, Toby thinks this will make things better between them, but it doesn’t. Ben is livid and delivers a few home truths to Toby.

Sean confronts Jessica about her affair with Adam. To her relief, he forgives her and they both look forward to a fresh start. But she soon discovers that he has hatched a plan to abduct their children to blackmail her into aborting Adams’ child.

Meanwhile, the hit-and-run charges against Zoe are dropped, but she loses her new job at IUT when Henry discovers she was out shopping during work hours. Ruth struggles to bond with her team-mates and looks into an opportunity in another department.

Later, at the staff party, Toby drunkenly insults his colleagues and makes a life-changing announcement. On his way home a drunk Toby becomes trapped in a rowing boat and it starts to sink. He frantically calls for help and tries to release his foot, but no one comes, and the boat sinks deeper.