Steph is excited to see Greg when he comes home early from his business trip but she’s shocked to learn that he has accepted a three-month employment contract in Darwin. Steph seriously considers moving with him but realises she isn’t ready to leave Ramsay Street. Greg’s messy divorce makes things difficult and they are forced to compromise with a long-distance relationship.

Miranda panics when she finds Joanna Hale’s phone number in Bridget’s pocket. Having bribed Joanna to stay way, Miranda can’t allow her daughter to see her birth mother in case her secret is revealed. Steve comes to Miranda’s rescue and talks Bridget into handing the phone number over, however he wrestles with the guilt of betraying his daughter. Will Miranda’s secret ruin the Parker marriage?

Callum asks Declan for advice on girls, and he tells him the Italian pick-up lines work every time! When he tries his powers of seduction out on Tegan, he is crushed by her rejection. Mickey thinks he’s going about it all in the wrong way and the boys have a bet on who can find the winning approach.

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