Is it curtains for Curtis?

It’s the final episode of the series and also Alice’s wedding day but instead of making her vows with her fiance by her side, she’s in custody swearing to DI Moreland she has no idea where Curtis is.

After Alice is released she gets a message to Curtis through Jeff. She meets with him and begs him to allow her to go on the run with him. He instead turns himself in and Alice returns to work in tears…

Meanwhile, Adam’s under immense pressure. The emergency department is in chaos following the coach crash and he’s demoralised when he overhears Henry telling Jordan he’s lucky he’s not suspended after covering for his boss knowing he has a brain tumour. Still, it’s not all bad, while there’s a lull at work Jessica proposes!

It’s Jordan’s last day in the emergency department and he’s determined to work right up until the end. He gets wind of a surprise farewell party Charlie’s throwing for him and slips out of the hospital without any sad farewells. Is this the end of the line for Jordan?

Things look up for Alice and Curtis when Cathy Malone confesses her son Callum killed Tony! Curtis is released and races to the hospital. Unfortunately, Callum discovers his mum grassed him up and starts a riot. Blaming Alice he drags her to the hospital rooftop and pulls a gun on her…

Curtis charges at him in an attempt to get his future wife free and a horrified Alice watches helplessly as Curtis plummets from the roof. The Emergency Department battles to save him – but his injuries are too severe and he dies, leaving Alice inconsolable.