Is it curtains for Daniel and Zara?

Zara and Daniel are at the zoo with baby Joe and Zara is trying to act normal following Daniel’s affair. For large chunks of the day she almost forgets that there is an issue between them until, later, when Joe needs attention Zara steps in, leaving Daniel side-lined. He can’t understand how OK Zara is with the affair…

That evening Daniel shakes baby Joe – physically willing him to be quiet. He’s stopped by Zara, who is deeply afraid and beyond livid. Without hesitation she drives away with Joe, branding Daniel unfit to be a father. What has he done?

Jas is looking for a permanent job. She likes her part-time job at The Mill, but it doesn’t pay the bills. She rings practice managers at other surgeries, but to no avail. Kevin wants to take her out for lunch, but she refuses. Forlorn, she opens the jobs pages of the newspaper and looks at an advert for clerical staff.

Elsewhere, Duncan Goodwin arrives at his university house with his protective mother, Lynn, in tow. She drives him insane, mollycoddling him at every opportunity… He suffers with ventricular septal defect as well as several other heart conditions that need constant monitoring. At the Campus Surgery he informs Heston of this and Heston says that his door is always open to him.

Later, Lynn tells his housemate Alicia, a girl he quite likes, about his condition and he is furious. Lynn’s meddling has gone too far and he fakes illness to get her to see sense. At Campus he reveals the truth. Lynn is hurt, but Alicia tells her that she’ll make sure he’s OK.