Is it curtains for Donna and Marlon?

Eli fronts up to the police questioning and is released due to lack of evidence. Eli storms over to Tall Trees and tells a stunned Marlon that his wife has been visiting Ross behind his back. Marlon refuses to believe Eli’s accusations, but Eli asks why would Donna shop him to the police if it wasn’t an attempt to save her lover.

Donna interrupts the brothers and a furious Eli launches himself at her, but Marlon intervenes and warns Eli that he will handle things. Donna is forced to admit to trying to help prove Ross’s innocence and Marlon can’t believe that she has betrayed his family to save her lover and he tells her that their marriage is over. Donna is distraught, but Marlon refuses to change his mind.

Natasha learns that Mark turned down Jimmy and Carl’s request to rent Pear Tree cottage and snipes that he only wants it for himself to prevent the Kings getting a foothold. Mark makes a call to an unknown associate asking for information on Jimmy. Natasha is surprised when Mark later has a change of heart and agrees to let the Kings rent the cottage.

Also, Jimmy comes up with a plan to persuade Scarlett to go to college.

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