Is it finally over between Josh and Amber?

Josh tries to convince Amber that the kiss was nothing, but she says it’s best if he doesn’t come to Queensland, leaving him devastated. Brad fears Josh will regret not watching his daughter grow up and Josh arrives just in time to see the woman he loves and their daughter drive off.

When Sonya tells Susan there could be something between Steph and Toadie, she shuts the idea down. However, Sonya’s concerns are heighted when she sees Steph and Toadie sharing a tender moment. Later, Toadie says he wants to leave hospital, but doctors warn he will need a rehab plan in place. So, surprisingly, Sonya suggests that Belinda could be the person for the job.

Aaron decides to help at the garage but business is slow, so he suggests they make an online advert. During filming, Aaron mentions the chemistry between Piper and Tyler, but Tyler insists nothing will happen, as Piper is a child. Unfortunately, Tyler is unaware he still has a mic on, so Piper hears everything and sabotages the advert.