Liberty’s overjoyed when she finds out that she’s won a competition and is going to perform at T4 on the Beach. She invites Theresa along for the ride but Ethan panics about what the girls might divulge on their trip and decides to go with them, offering to drive the pair there. But trying to juggle two women is proving harder and harder for Ethan as Liberty and Theresa become increasingly needy and they admit to each other that they have boyfriends.

Leanne finishes things with Lee, leaving Leanne to think her plan is working. Leanne breaks up with Jamil and drops the charges against Amy. However, Leanne is left bitterly disappointed when Lee angrily rejects her and makes it clear that, whether he is with Amy or not, he will never get back with Leanne.

Jacqui is feeling neglected by Rhys and when Dodger knocks her back the barmaid flips out as Jack drags her away. Back at home, Jacqui tries to tell Rhys about her ordeal but he can’t make head nor tail of it. An argument ensues and Rhys is at the end of his tether, Jacqui needs help. But Jacqui doesn’t think she needs anyone’s help and leaves.

Also; a forlorn Jacqui heads out into the night alone.

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