Is it game over for Richard?

Rebecca is devastated over Alan’s death, and is also frustrated that she will now never be able to prove how much of a monster Richard is. But her fears unwittingly prompt Declan into action. He lures Richard to a river fishing spot, and the pair end up having a confrontation, which sees Richard fighting for his life. As Oliver, Rebecca and Paul race to stop him, Declan stands and watches his dad seemingly drown. But there’s a nasty surprise waiting for Declan on the riverbank…

Aware that he’s fighting a losing battle to keep his job, Toadie confronts Stonefish and orders him out of the house. Steph comes to Stonie’s defence and urges Toadie to stand by his brother. But her intervention pushes Toadie over the edge.

Frazer is still keen to start a family with Rosie, but she is distracted with her own career issues and fails to take Frazer’s hopes seriously.

Also, sympathetic Pepper tries to take Adam’s mind off his impending Police Academy assessments by encouraging him to take part in the Erinsborough Air Guitar contest.