It’s a sad day for Lucas who is aware that this will be the last day he ever spends with Elle. Lucas struggles to keep his feelings in check and not let on to Elle that this is the end for them. Determined to make the most of every last moment, Lucas whisks her away for a romantic picnic in the garage.

When Steph finds out Lucas isn’t going, and is holding the truth back from Elle, she makes him feel guilty for leading Elle on. When Lucas finally tells Elle he won’t be joining her, she decides to stay in Erinsborough. However, Lucas pleads with her not to give up this opportunity, pointing out that she will resent him one day for destroying her chance of success.

Ultimately she decides to leave her friends, family and fiance behind, but what demons will the end of his relationship arouse in Lucas?

Donna sticks to her false statement that Saffron didn’t hit her – until Ringo comes to the rescue with a new witness who has also been assaulted by Saffron.

However, Ringo and Donna still don’t properly reunite, until Elle’s declaration of love for Lucas inspires Donna to fix things once and for all.

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