Appalled by Anna’s behaviour, Kevin orders Gary to take her home. Meanwhile, Jason leads Phelan back to No 11 where Eileen insists he stays for dinner. Gary and Izzy implore Anna to get a grip, so she heads to No 13 and apologises to Kevin for her latest outburst.

Nick tells a thrilled Carla she’s right – they should sell their businesses and start a new life wherever the mood takes them. When Carla tells Tracy, Tracy explains she’s got a week to get Nick to sell the bistro to Robert.

As Sally’s news sinks in, Tim points out he loves his window cleaning round and doesn’t want to work in the cab office. And when Norris highlights Sally’s lack of clear policies, she sacks him on the spot. Later, Sally assures Tim the reason she’s bought him half the Streetcars business is because she realises his potential. Smiling tightly, Norris approaches Sally and drops a bombshell of his own!

Rana flirts with Zeedan – who’s clearly smitten. Chesney listens in alarm as Sean enthuses about all the modelling work Sinead has lined up