Is it over for John Paul and Kieron?

After John Paul reassures Kieron that he still loves him, Kieron asks him to prove it by marrying him next week. When Kieron learns John Paul can’t do it, he asks him if it’s over. Will John Paul finish it?

As Jack’s condition gets worse, Frankie and Steph want to call the ambulance. Luckily, Darren administers Jack’s spray and he starts feeling better. Frankie wants Jack to go to hospital but Darren and Jack know they face prison if anyone sees him. Steph lashes out at Frankie for lying to her about the scam and returns home, desperate for someone to talk to. Alone, Steph visits Niall and they share a kiss.

Panicked by Jack’s ordeal, Darren tells a stunned and upset Craig that Frankie doesn’t want to see him. Craig tells Frankie he’s leaving but she pleads with him to stay. Craig questions Darren about finding Jack dead but Darren uses Newt as an excuse not to talk about it. But Darren panics when an angry Steph reveals she is on the edge of exposing Jack’s secret.

Also, Amy worries about what people will say when they find out she’s pregnant again.

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