Alfie picks up the licence sign for the Vic with his and Kat’s name on it. Kat sees it and is sad. Alfie offers an olive branch to Kat, but Kat is unconvinced and insists she’s leaving. As Alfie leaves, Kat breaks down. Michael and Kat pack the car to leave. Alfie tells Michael if he doesn’t look after Kat and they baby he’ll come looking for him. Kat follows Alfie back into the Vic and sees he’s decorated the bedroom with baby things. Kat and Alfie kiss passionately. Michael realises that Kat isn’t coming with him and drives away…

Billy feels awful about punching Jay. Phil notices Jay’s bruises and questions Billy, who admits that he beat up Jay. Phil threatens Billy and he breaks down. Jay forgives Billy. Later, Jay pretends to be Billy and calls the police about the child abuse case. DS Mulligan arrives to question Billy about fellow foster kid Julie Perkins and Billy is unnerved to hear her name.

Bianca drags Billie back to Walford for his birthday. Carol is delighted. The party kicks off and Billie downs spirits with his mates. Billie’s troublemaker friend Connor arrives. Bianca worries the party is getting out of control, but Carol wants to let Billie have his own way.

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