Is it over for Ken and Nessa?

Roy orders Nessa to phone the fire brigade as he rescues Cathy from her burning house. Thanking him for saving her life, Cathy collapses in Roy’s arms. As Cathy is loaded into the ambulance, she bitterly explains to Nessa that the fire while burning the offending love letters. Nessa arrives in the pub in a state and tells Ken about the fire at Cathy’s house. Taking Nessa back to No 1, Ken suggests they go their separate ways.

Anna leads Sophie, Sally, Tim and Kevin to the ginnel and reveals Craig and Caitlin’s replacement mural in memory of Maddie. Sophie’s touched as Craig explains it was Anna’s idea. In the cafe Kevin suggests to Anna that they bin the singles night and go out with each other.

When Mary suggests to Brendan that they finish their date night at No 7 as Dev is out, Brendan’s thrilled. Alone together, Brendan assures Mary she means everything to him. And taken in by his flattery, Mary leads Brendan upstairs.

As Nick and Robert talk wedding menus, Kate arrives and Carla’s relieved to have an excuse to leave.