Is it over for Kim and Rachel?

Unable to deal with Rachel’s confession that she slept with Hugh, Kim is frustrated and distracted and ends up putting his fist through the door. Alf and Jack fail to get through to him, and even Martha shocks Kim by revealing Hugh wanted Rachel to ditch him and run away together. Kim’s shocked but still doesn’t return home, leaving Rachel to wait. Meanwhile, Kim turns up at Kit’s boarding house in the middle of the night.

Sally is concerned that Brad seems unmotivated and careless, while waiting for the Department of Education’s decision whether to reinstate him as school principal. Brad continues to concern her when he forgets to help Cassie prepare for a maths test, fails to notice that Alf has personal issues, and is totally unaware of Rachel’s problems with Kim. Sally eventually opens Brad’s eyes to the issues and he promises to get his act together starting with the department, vowing to get his solicitors onto them.

Alf tries to get his driving licence back but is denied it when he fails the eye test. He’s determined to finish collecting the supplies for the Surf Club and almost knocks Sally over when he doesn’t see her. Alf confesses he fears he has glaucoma.