Is it over for Leanne and Peter?

Peter‘s spent the night in the cells and while he’s released on bail he’s warned not to take the law into his own hands again. He’s relieved to be home, but Leanne wants answers. Meanwhile, the factory staff are stunned when Frank walks in claiming false allegations have been made against him and as far as he’s concerned it’s business as usual. Heading out to see a client he sends the girls to lunch. Unaware that Frank’s back Carla decides to return to work. But as she looks around the empty factory, trying to hold it together, Frank walks in!

Tina is gobsmacked when Kirsty starts asking questions about a smashed headlight on her car before laying her police badge on the table! Tina goes on the defensive, insisting she never damaged the car, but Kirsty is cool stating that if they can’t sort this amicably she’ll have to go through official channels. Furious Tyrone urges Tina to apologise to Kirsty.

As a flustered Owen struggles under Anna‘s sink the stopcock breaks and the pair are covered in water.

Also, Dev’s stunned to discover Aadi has an amazing natural flair for golf.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Terrified Carla’s rooted to the spot as Frank tells her this can all go away if she does the right thing and withdraws her accusation of rape. But Carla attempts to keep calm as Frank becomes menacing. Meanwhile, Leanne is far from convinced by Peter’s assurances about him and Carla. Pressing if there’s anything he hasn’t told her, he fails to admit his knowledge that Carla was driving the car that hit Stella. So when Frank’s re-arrested and calls out that this has all been cooked up by Carla and Peter who’ve been sleeping together for months, Leanne’s furious.

Owen’s finally fixed the leak and dripping wet Anna sends him up for a shower. But when he reappears wearing only a bathrobe the chemistry sizzles and they can’t resist each other.

With no other option Tina feels forced to apologise to Kirsty, but feels unnerved by her. Later, Tyrone begs Kirsty to drop the charges against Tina.

Also, Sunita‘s annoyed as Dev raves about Aadi the child prodigy!