Malachy goes all out for his wedding anniversary, while Mercedes is consumed by guilt. She tries to talk to Carmel but she misreads Mercedes’ guilt and assumes it’s because Mercedes failed to get Malachy a gift. Calvin is setting up things in The Loft when Mercedes tells him that she loves Malachy and that she’s married. As the couple celebrate, a heartbroken Calvin looks on.

Lydia’s terrified when she hears that Mike is going to visit Zoe in prison. When Zoe tries to warn Mike about Lydia, he snaps and tells her that he wants her to plead guilty. But they still share a bond when talking about Sarah.

Lydia arrives home later that night, and finds Mike has turned things upside down. He tells her he’s looking for a diary that Sarah may have kept. Lydia panics but pretends to help him look. Lydia tells him seeing Zoe was a mistake, and before long he’s back under her spell.

Also; Hannah, Josh and Rhys have all been asked to work in The Dog. Josh becomes suspicious about Hannah’s drinking, but is happy when Hannah says she’ll go out with him and Rhys. Just before they leave, a drunken Darren walks in and Hannah cancels her plans with Josh and Rhys.

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