Tracy lets slip to Michelle that Steve was at the police station again. Michelle’s immediately suspicious and demands to know what’s going on. Steve finally comes clean but a furious Michelle is unable to accept that he kept such a big secret from her.

Roy calls to see Carla in hospital and tells her how sorry he is for all that’s happened. Peter goes to see Carla as Rob helps her into her flat, but her pain is too raw and she shouts at him to leave.

Filled with dread at the thought of Tim proposing, Sally tells him she no longer fancies a weekend away so Tim suggests a meal at the bistro instead. Over dinner, Tim announces that he’s got something for Sally and he’s going to nip home. Sally waits uncomfortably, as she ponders how to let him down gently.

Also, Audrey accompanies a nervous Gail on her prison visit; and Maddie excitedly tells Sophie she’s arranged for them to go and see Ben and they’re leaving that afternoon.