Is it over for Ric and Matilda?

Ric asks Cassie to keep the fact that Viv is staying in a caravan from Matilda as he doesn’t want to ruin his girlfriend’s formal. Later, Viv offers Ric a lift to Yabbie Creek to buy a tie for the formal but disaster strikes when her car breaks down. While Matilda frets, Drew agrees to pick Ric up, and Viv gives him Noel’s tie from the glove box.

By the time Ric picks Matilda up the formal has already started, but luckily, Matilda believes his story that his scooter broke down. Everything goes well, despite Aden’s attempts to sabotage proceedings, and Matilda and Rick win the best couple prize. But everything is ruined when Noel shows up after confronting Viv at the caravan park and makes a comment about Ric wearing his tie. Matilda is furious and tells him it’s over between them. Rick is left feeling lost and without realising it, wanders over to Viv’s caravan…

After a lengthy discussion with Heather and Rachel, Brad asks Tam if she and her mother want to come to Tasmania with him. She’s thrilled and cheers up even more when Brad asks her to come along to the formal with him.

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