Miles, after a drinking binge, is woken on the beach by a little girl called Rabbit. He goes home and Alf tells him that Hugo is dead. Miles is stunned, but Alf is more concerned that Miles has been gone for two days. Rabbit arrives and says she’s staying at the caravan park.

Angelo tells Gina and Xavier of Hugo’s death. Gina is unemotional and can’t process anything until she learns the full truth about what her son has done. Xavier cries alone.

Gina refuses to attend the funeral. Martha isn’t handling her loss very well. Upon arriving home, Xavier finds a note from Hugo. He says he loves his brothers and believes in Xavier. He must always be there for Brendan and their mother. There is also a box, containing around $100,000.

Hugo watches Martha cry over him. He’s not dead! Angelo drives him away. Hugo faked his death in a deal with Angelo to tell the police everything. If he had gone to prison, Martha would still have been in danger. Only Alf is told the truth. Hugo asks him to make sure Martha doesn’t grieve for him too long. After seeing Martha at the graveside, Hugo leaves, never to return.