Is it the end for Ben Mitchell?

A horrified Ian and Phil rush to the hospital after being told that Ben has been critically injured in EastEnders.

Ian answers Kathy’s ringing phone only to hear terrible news about Ben, learning he’s in hospital with critical injuries after an attack. With Kathy AWOL, Ian and Phil race to the hospital to be at Ben’s bedside. By the time they turn up, they are devastated to be told that Ben has died… When Phil and Ian go in to identify the body, however, they discover that it’s not Ben – it’s Paul Coker.

Meanwhile, Kathy wakes up in a hotel next to Buster after spending the night with him. When she gets back to the Square, all loved up, she’s met by Shirley who tells her the tragic news about Ben. Kathy’s world falls apart when Steven rings to say that Ben hasn’t made it.

Whitney prepares to tell Lee that she’s pregnant, but is left frustrated when she keeps missing her chance. Knowing that something’s up, Linda follows Whitney as she heads to the café to meet Lauren. Interrupting the friends, Linda is delighted when Whitney confirms that Linda is going to be a grandma.