When Alma says she has slit her wrists, Orson dutifully goes to her aid. But when he starts feeling dizzy, he suspects that Gloria has spiked his drink. The fake bandages come off and Alma strips to reveal she’s wearing red lingerie, and Orson realises that it’s all been a ploy to give Gloria a grandchild. Later, Bree gets a shock when she finds an unconscious Orson in bed with Alma.

After eight weeks of sick leave, Lynette decides to return to work but Tom begs her to pretend she’s still sick so that she can help promote the pizzeria at the street fair. When Ed shows up with a gift for Lynette, Mrs McCluskey lies that she’s at the doctors but Kayla tells Ed where she really is. Ed finds Lynette at the fair and fires her – but when he offers Lynette her job back on the condition that she’ll work any overtime, she quits anyway.

A frustrated Ian tells Susan that he’s tired of every conversation they have being about Mike. Susan pleads with Gabrielle to ask Zach to hire a new lawyer for Mike, which means that Gabrielle will have to agree to at least one date with Zach. The women negotiate the terms of the date and set the price of a kiss at a million dollars – the cost of Mike’s bail.

After being set free from jail, Mike finds Zach waiting for him at his house and asks him to visit Paul. Paul says that he knows Felicia faked her own murder, but Zach won’t agree to pay for her to be tracked down. Mike tells Susan that he knows it was her behind Zach’s generosity and wants to thank her. She says he can do that by staying away from her. She walks away from him and into Ian’s arms.