Is it the end for Cassie and Jules?

During a conversation between Jules and Jazz, it becomes clear that Jules used to have a crush on Jazz and once even tried to crawl into her bed while on a family skiing trip with Drew. Jules is in no doubt that if Drew discovered the truth, their friendship would be over. He hastily apologises for not letting Drew crash at the van last night, but there’s tension between the friends.

It’s Cassie’s eighteenth birthday and she has a great day, until she visits Jules’ van and bumps into Jazz. Realising that his relationship with Cassie is the reason why Jules won’t leave town, Jazz spins a story to Cassie about Jules being obsessed with her. Stunned, Cassie confronts Jules whose awkwardness only seems to confirm Jazz’s story.

Devastated, Cassie ends up turning up to her party in tears. Meanwhile, a grim Drew has learnt the truth and goes to Jules’s van to have it out with him, only to discover his friend about to flee to the city. They have an altercation before Jules leaves town for good.

Also, Sally is frustrated that Brad alerted the Education Department to Annie’s case, and Drew moves back into Leah and Dan’s but refuses to have anything to do with Jazz.