Reeling from the shocking discovery that he is unable to have children, Kim can’t bring himself to share the sad news with Rachel, and instead tells her that he doesn’t want kids, and, because they both want different things in life – perhaps they should break up, leaving Rachel devastated. Kim confides in Jack, who urges him to tell Rachel the truth and give the relationship a chance. Beginning to wonder if he’s made a big mistake, Kim decides to come clean to Rachel.

Following his separation from Martha, Jack copes by drinking himself stupid and flirting outrageously with Fitzgerald’s friends. Meanwhile, Alf and Tasha suggest to Martha that she and Jack go for counseling. Everyone is in bed when a drunk Jack turns up at Alf’s insisting he still loves Martha before Alf orders him to go home and sober up.

The next day, Martha attempts to initiate peace talks with Jack, but their discussion soon descends into an argument. Later, she rants to Tasha and Robbie, causing them to worry about having a feuding couple as Ella’s godparents. When Alf learns of their concerns, he approaches Martha and suggests she and Jack put their problems aside for the sake of Robbie, Tasha and little Ella.